Bronte Waterfall

A popular moorland walk, ideal for a picnic or paddle. Get the free essential guide with info, map and offers.

Bronte Waterfall

Discover the best route to Bronte Waterfall

  • Download the guide and complete our quiz looking for the clues along the way.
  • Enjoy a picnic and complete the Word Search.
  • Look for ‘Charlotte’s Chair’, an L-shaped stone. For some bizarre reason, you just have to sit on it!
  • Be brave and dangle your feet in the cold, moorland water. It’s exhilarating!
  • Take a selfie on Bronte Bridge and share it with the world when you add a Google Review. We may even add it to this page!

It takes approx 45 minutes to walk from Haworth Main Street to the Bronte Waterfall or 25 minutes from Penistone Hill Country Park which has free parking.

It’s a relatively easy walk with larger stones and rougher terrain the closer you get. The Bronte Waterfall walk is therefore not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs.

You can decide to either walk back the same way or follow our map for a circular route.

Bronte Waterfall is visited on the ‘Escape To The Moor’ guided Haworth walk which takes you off the beaten track to all the key Bronte beauty spots. 

Download the guide for a great map, fun stuff to do with the kids and get Haworth money-saving offers. We don’t do spam. Happy walking!

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Bronte Waterfall Walk & Map

The Bronte Waterfall Essential Guide is a free PDF you can download with a really good map to follow and has important information, fun facts and quizzes to occupy the kids during the walk. The map shows the route from Penistone Hill Country Park (with free parking) to the falls. When you decide to leave, you can either return via the same way you came or follow the map for a more interesting circular route.