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'Escape to the Moor', a guided walk off the beaten track to all Bronte landmarks and beauty spots.

Escape To The Moor guided walks

Haworth Moor Guided Walk

“I wish I were a girl again, half savage and hardy, and free… I’m sure I should be myself were I once among the heather on those hills.”

– Cathy in Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte.

Walk in the footsteps of the Brontes to explore the wild Yorkshire Moor and discover the landscape that captivated and influenced their work.

Private bookings
Please note that I am no longer leading guided walks for the foreseeable future until the footpaths have been rebuilt and the moorland trails have had time to heal.

The Passion of Wuthering Heights

To truly understand the passion of Cathy and Heathcliffe, you need to be with them, on the moor at Wuthering Heights. Only then, will you fully appreciate the harsh and brutal reality of their existence and how it shaped the characters in Emily Bronte’s classic novel. And you’ll get to see the very window believed to have inspired the famous scene where Cathy cried “Let me in – let me in”!

No Risk Refunds!

We operate a ‘no-risk’ refund policy. If you need to cancel for whatever reason, you can either postpone or get a full refund. So, if rain is forecast and that’s not for you, you are in full control.

I Am No Longer Leading Moorland Guided Walks

The dog-friendly (on a lead) video guided walk takes away the hassle and worry so you can simply enjoy your day:

  • Go the very best route so you don’t miss anything.
  • No maps required – just turn up and enjoy the landscape.
  • You won’t get lost.
  • You will be safe – insured and outdoor 1st aid trained.
  • Learn about folk-lore, local history and how Haworth would been for the Brontes.

A Full Day Out

Walk at a steady, leisurely pace, mostly through narrow moorland trails and you’ll be taken to special places not usually frequented by visitors. There’ll be plenty of rest points, time to enjoy the views and to take photographs. 

Set off at 9am at the Wuthering Heights pub in Stanbury which is dog-friendly and serves tradition pub food, soups, etc. You’ll be back in time for a well-deserved lunch or drinks (not included), plus plenty of time to browse the many independent gift shops of Haworth. A full, fantastic day out!

Escape To The Moor Guided Walk

Bronte Waterfall on Haworth Moor

Bronte Waterfall

The most popular destination of all the moorland locations and ideal for taking the kids for a picnic. You'll then be taken through beds of heather via less frequented. trails.

Top Withens - Wuthering Heights

Top Withens

The ruined farmhouse said to have been the location of the Earnshaw family house in Emily Bronte's classic novel, Wuthering Heights. It is a must-go to location for all Bronte enthusiasts.

Alcomden Stones on Haworth Moor

Alcomden Stones

A rocky outcrop believed by some to be a place of druid sacrifice and ancient ritual, with a large stone alter. It's a lovely place to sit for quiet and tranquility with stunning 360 degree views.

Ponden Kirk with The Fairy Cave

Ponden Kirk

A crag of gritstone rock jutting out of the hillside and believed to be the inspiration for Penistone Crags and the Fairy Cave, as mentioned in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights.

School Parties

Need a local guide to lead your school party in 2023 so it’s safe, educational and fun?

Subject to government restrictions at the time, up to 40 children plus teachers can be taken from Haworth (or the youth hostel) to wherever you want to go. The route will also be weather-dependent, with safety taking precedent. We also have an educational, fun quiz for the children to complete along the route and this can be extended for further learning.

The school day rate is £350 or £20 per head for student age and includes a learning aid and assistance with your compliance and risk assessment requirements. Please email hello@bronteadventures.co.uk or call 07483835646.

Team Building

Need a team-building and strategy session? Then get your team out of the office and away from day to day activities.

There’s nothing like a hike to clear the head and bond colleagues, especially when the weather’s not at its best!

I can also facilitate lunch and a private room in Haworth for you to address your business issues. Please get in touch.

Walkers On Bronte Bridge

Walkers On Bronte Bridge

Summers Day Stroll

Summers Day Stroll

The dancers on a guided walk

Ladies Having Fun

Fun In The Rain

Fun In The Rain


“I would recommend booking! David is a friendly and knowledgeable guide with a passion for the local landscape.” Tracey

“I honestly don’t think you’d find a friendlier, more accommodating and knowledgeable guide than David. His deep passion for the moors is evident and he makes it his absolute mission to ensure you have the best possible experience of this beautiful part of Yorkshire.” Jo

“Enjoyed a fabulous walk today with David as the perfect host to our group. David has a great knowledge of the area and always ensures that you are safe. Book a walk – you are assured of a wonderful time surrounded by stunning scenery”. Linda

“Absolutely a brilliant morning, even when the rain came down. David our guide was there to encourage us to keep going. He was very knowledgeable of the area and made our experience well worth it. Beautiful place and to top it off, we saw some deer at the end too. Well done David, definitely recommend this activity”. Diane

“A friendly walk. David shared his knowledge of the local area and other places to go and things to do around. Conversation flowed easily among the group and the pace was good. Thank you for a great walk”. Julia

“Thoroughly enjoyed my walk today! David is lovely and very knowledgeable, and caters for all abilities. Looking forward to another walk around our beautiful countryside. Would recommend to anyone to give it a go and enjoy it”. Dayley

“I would highly recommend the guided walk over to Top Withens. David is kind, patient and very knowledgeable. I had a wonderful day in his company walking over the stunning moors and following in the Bronte footsteps”. Kirsty

“Fantastic guided walk and the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. David was a really friendly guide with lots of local knowledge and useful recommendations. A must if you are in the area. Safety measures taken and followed too. Very glad I booked”. Maria

“A mind clearing, interesting walk with beautiful scenery. David is an excellent leader who is highly knowledgeable of the area. I would highly recommend this walk. It was the best Saturday morning I’ve had in a long time. It’s Covid friendly too – socially distanced and with hands sanitised before passing through gates”. Louise

“Would definitely recommend booking a guided walk. Fantastic morning walking through some stunning scenery with laughs along the way. David was really knowledgeable about the area which added to the experience”. Leah

“I enjoy every bit of this walking experience and I would definitely recommend it. David is a fantastic guide who can answer any questions that comes to your mind”. Shama

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