Haworth Moor

"I wish I were out of doors! I wish I were a girl again, half savage and hardy, and free… I’m sure I should be myself were I once among the heather on those hills."

Cathy, Wuthering Heights

Haworth Moor is arguably one of the jewels in the Yorkshire crown of beautiful places to visit. At the height of summer, this rugged, barren landscape wakens to a stunning bed of purple heather then swiftly vanishes as fast as it came. At other times, it's personality is largely driven by the season and the weather on the day.

Haworth Moor has popular visitor locations within easy reach for most people and some make their way to Top Withens, the bleak setting and ruined farmhouse of Wuthering Heights, to properly appreciate its mood and moorland character, so prominent in the novel.

Others venture off the beaten track to Ponden Kirk (Fairy Cave) and Alcomden Stone.

Please email hello@bronteadventures.co.uk for dates of Haworth walks across the moors.

Trail running on Haworth Moors
Trail towards Top Withens
View from Penistone Hill to Haworth Moor

Walking or Running The Moors

There are many suggested routes posted on the internet and the best depends on your personal motivations. If you just want a couple of hours to give the kids some exercise and a paddle in a stream, then a stroll to Bronte Bridge and Waterfalls is likely to suffice. If however, you want the full Bronte experience and are prepared to get off the beaten track, then you do need to go properly prepared.

Most paths have a stone or gravel surface to minimise impact, with rocky, muddy sections so visitors need to be stable on their feet. The walks are not suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs and the further you go, the less path there is for you to follow. However, getting off these paths is where the real beauty begins!

Please note: We do not publish maps on this site as we'd worry you may get lost or be taken by the wolves! That was a joke by the way. The moorland bog is likely to claim you first! Please email hello@bronteadventures.co.uk for dates of our guided walks. Once you know the routes, you can bravely venture alone, after first informing friends or relatives of course.

Walking the moors should always be taken with care and respect. Wearing boots with a good grip and regard to the weather is essential. And do not be deceived - Main Street in Haworth is sheltered by the hill it clings to and the climate on the exposed moors is often very different. Be prepared for a windier, colder reception once you leave the cosy confines of the village!