Bronte Waterfall Walk

The Bronte Waterfall walk is the most popular of all Haworth moorland walks and is ideal for taking the kids for a picnic or paddle. A map is available below.

Bronte Waterfall was also a firm favourite with the Bronte children while playing and creating their stories. They named it "The Meeting of the Waters".

The Bronte Waterfall can be a little under-whelming for much of the year and only really gives a strong flow of water at times of heavy rain, but you'll love it anyway.

FYI, the Bronte Bridge collapsed during a flash flood in 1989 and was rebuilt the following year. But don't worry, it's sturdy enough today!

  • Unwind with a book and your feet dangling in the cold, moorland water.

  • Look out for Charlotte's Chair. For some bizarre reason, you'll feel compelled to sit on it!

  • Take a selfie on Bronte Bridge and share it with the world when you add a Google Review. We may even add it to this page!

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Bronte Waterfall Walk

It takes approx 45 minutes to walk from Haworth Main Street or 25 minutes from Penistone Hill Country Park which has free parking. It's a relatively easy walk with larger stones and rougher terrain the closer you get, but that's all part of the fun. The Bronte Waterfall walk is therefore not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs.

The Bronte Waterfall is also a great place to rest on your way to Top Withins (Wuthering Heights), Ponden Kirk (Fairy Cave) or Alcomden Stones.

Bronte Waterfalls

Bronte Waterfall

Bronte Bridge

Bronte Bridge

Charlotte's Chair

Charlotte's Chair

View of Bronte Bridge from Bronte Waterfalls

Top of the waterfall

Bronte Waterfall Walk Map

The Bronte Waterfall Walk Map shows a popular route from Haworth Main Street to Bronte Waterfall and then back to Haworth via the village of Stanbury. Some people prefer to return the same route though, so the choice is yours.

If you're not visiting the village of Haworth, please park (for free) at Penistone Hill Country Park and simply follow the path across the road - please respect locals by NOT parking anywhere else.

Zoom in to follow the map! In case you are unable to receive a mobile phone signal, please refer to an Ordinance Survey map. If you do get a signal, you can check you're on the correct route by opening this map into the Google Maps app. You do this by clicking the [ ] icon at the top right corner of the map.

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