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Bronte Waterfall & Bronte Bridge

This is a popular place for a short stroll and picnic with the kids and was a favourite for the Bronte children too, namng it "The Meeting of the Waters". It's only approx 45 minutes from Haworth Main Street and has relatively easy access.

It's also a great place to rest on your way to Top Withins (Wuthering Heights), Ponden Kirk or Alcomden Stones.

The waterfall can be under-whelming for much of the year and only really gives a strong flow at times of heavy rain. It's possible to walk to the top of the fall via a small track to the side, though care needs to be taken.

The Bronte Bridge collapsed during a flash flood in 1989 and was rebuilt the year later. Look out for Charlotte's Chair too - for some bizarre reason, you feel compelled to sit on it!

Please email for dates of Haworth walks across the moors.

Bronte Waterfalls

Bronte Waterfall

Bronte Bridge

Bronte Bridge

Charlotte's Chair

Charlotte's Chair

View of Bronte Bridge from Bronte Waterfalls

Top of the waterfall

A common route to Bronte Waterfalls, Top Withens and the route back via the village of Stanbury.