One of the biggest draws to Haworth are its moorland walks. For some, the moors are neither pretty, hospitable or forgiving and when it decides to pour, it can be unrelenting. And on a bad day, its like the venomous wrath of Heathcliffe is very much alive and

So, please treat a walk on Haworth Moor as the place you go when you don't quite know what's going to happen. The weather could close in at any time and catch you off guard. That's how it likes you!

The walk to Bronte Falls and even Top Withens is pretty straight forward, following well-trodden paths, re-enforced by gravel and flagstones to ease the damage. But get off the paths and this is where nature takes control. The sheep trails become ravines, scarring the landscape, uncaring of your good nature or benevolent kindness. Nature quickly decides the hierarchy, without thought.

Walking with Bronte Adventures will take you off the beaten track, to the bogs and wilder areas of the moor. But, you will be safe. Your leader will decide when/if to walk, the route you take and your conduct. It's how it is on the moor.

See the events page for Haworth walks dates.