Top Withens Walk - Wuthering Heights

The Top Withens walk is to the ruined farmhouse on Haworth Moor, said to have been the location of the Earnshaw family house in Emily Bronte's classic novel, Wuthering Heights.

The building bore no resemblance to the house she described, but the situation may have been in her mind when she wrote of the moorland setting of the Heights. We think so too and it's a stunning location to sit quietly, ponder and think of the dark, brooding and immensely passionate nature of Cathy and Heathcliffe. Dare you too?!

Top Withens lies on the Pennine Way walk and is a must-go location for all Bronte enthusiasts. It's an invigorating 4 mile walk from Haworth, though mostly on gravel or flagstone paths, via Bronte Waterfall, but has stunning views so definitely worth the trek.

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Haworth Moor with purple heather towards Top Withens
Top Withens ruin
Top Withens Walk
Walk to Top Withens

A Walk For Lovers

Above Top Withens towards Haworth

From Above Top Withens

The Changing Character

Wuthering Heights Book By Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights

Top Withens Walk Map

The Top Withens walk as shown on the map starts and ends at Main Street, Haworth and is mostly gravel or Yorkshire flagstone paths.

If you're not visiting Haworth, please park (for free) at Penistone Hill Country Park and follow the path across the road - please respect locals by NOT parking anywhere else. From Penistone Hill, the walk to Top Withens takes just over an hour, depending on your pace.

The Top Withens walk has stunning views of open moorland and the site has a few benches for weary travellers to rest. If the weather turns bad, as is often the case, shelter is available in the attached bothy.

The return journey to Haworth can be the same route you came or via the village of Stanbury, see map. This route is 7.5 miles (11.7km) and takes approx 3.5 hours.

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