Top Withens

The desolate location of Wuthering Heights in Emily Bronte's classic novel.

Top Withens

Top Withens

The farmhouse remains at Top Withens bear little resemblance to the house described in Wuthering Heights, but the situation is likely to have been in Emily Bronte’s mind when she wrote of the setting.

There really is no better place to ponder the dark, brooding and immensely passionate nature of Cathy and Heathcliffe as they grew from youngsters into adulthood.

As well as being isolated, the weather too would have dictated so much of Emily’s thoughts and this is also reflected in the nature of her characters. Top Withens is therefore a must-go-to place of pilgrimage for Bronte enthusiasts from all over the world, no matter the weather. For some, the more wind-swept the better!

To prepare for possible harsh weather, please visit the Haworth Moor page for advice and further information.

Top Withens is visited on the ‘Escape To The Moor’ guided Haworth walk which takes you off the beaten track to all the key Bronte beauty spots.

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Top Withens Walk

Top Withens lies on the Pennine Way walk and is an invigorating 4 mile walk from Haworth, mostly on gravel or flagstone paths, via Bronte Waterfall.

The site has a few benches for weary travellers and if the weather turns bad, as is often the case, shelter is available in the attached bothy.

The return journey to Haworth can be via the same route you came or via the village of Stanbury. Whichever route you take, you should allocate at least 4 hours for the round trip, giving a little rest time.

If you’re not visiting Haworth, please park (for free) at Penistone Hill Country Park and follow the path across the road. The walk to Top Withens takes just over an hour, depending on your pace.

Returning via Stanbury

Stanbury gives another option to create a circular walk back to Haworth or Penistone Hill Country Park. 

The park has a small childrens’ park for the kids to play and benches for adults to rest. It’s opposite The Friendly pub and has terrific moorland views showing the path you followed. 

Fifty yards on, you’ll find The Wuthering Heights pub which serves hot & cold drinks as well as food all year round. You can also sit outside to enjoy the views, or if cold, the log fire inside is usually roaring to warm everyone up!