Alcomden Stones

A rocky outcrop with panoramic views believed by some to be a place of druid sacrifice.

Alter Stone at Alcomden Stones

Alcomden Stones – a place of tranquility

Alcomden Stones is approx half a mile west of Top Withens and Ponden Kirk and has a 360 degree view across the moor into Lancashire.

The walk to Alcomden Stones is off the beaten track and not obvious. One way is to climb the hill behind Top Withens and bare to the right following the grassy trail. Eventually you will come to the trig point where you will bare left to the stones, another half a mile away.

The cluster of stones are likely to have been made by natural glacial movements during the last ice age with the main feature being a large rocking stone weighing over six tons, resting on two large blocks embedded in the heather.

It’s a lovely place to stop, contemplate and appreciate nature. By sitting quietly at this remote spot, it’s easy to understand why belief of neolithic activities has shaped minds over many years. For more tales and druid myths about the stones, visit The Northern Antiquarian.

The stones also lead to a very thin trail through the heather to Crow Hill. This is a gentle hill which then leads to dis-used quarry site and eventually on to Ponden Hall and the reservoir. The ground is more often than not wet and the trail is extremely faint and not immediately obvious. A map and compass are highly recommended before embarking on this trail.

Alcomden Stones are visited on the ‘Escape To The Moor’ guided walk which takes you off the beaten track to all the key Bronte beauty spots.

Alcomden Stones alter

Alter Stone

Alcomden Stones walk

Rocky Outcrop

Alcomden Stones path

Boggy Trail

Alcomden Stones view

Panoramic Views